Mary Queen of Scots Biography: The Executed Queen Who Lost the Throne For Love - Chris Dicker

Mary Queen of Scots Biography: The Executed Queen Who Lost the Throne For Love

By Chris Dicker

  • Release Date: 2017-09-19
  • Genre: Biography
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Mary Queen of Scots was dazzlingly beautiful queen of Scotland. She was crowned at birth, but her destiny was quite different. Mary never had control over her life and somebody else was making choices for her. She followed blindly someone else's agenda without giving any critical thought on the outcome. First, she was sent to France when Mary was only 5 years old. Most of her happy years were in France. Mary Queen of Scots was persuaded by her father-in-law to claim the throne of England and replace Elizabeth I. This became her sole purpose as royalty in life, creating plots one after another to bring down queen Elizabeth.

Many of Mary's decisions were based on love/heart, not critical thinking or reasoning. However, when it comes to politics, especially politics of royalty, thinking with your head is crucial. This is what Mary Queen of Scots was seriously lacking. As a result of this, she suffered tremendously by marrying convicted felon and other past marriages that destroyed Mary's reputation and reign.

Eventually Mary was imprisoned and abdicated for her actions of wrong doing. In this biography of Mary Queen of Scots, you'll learn what exactly led to her execution, imprisonment and what was her life like back in the 16th century.

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